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Proposers must submit Concept Notes to be considered for invitation to submit Full Proposals. A Concept Note is essentially an executive summary of your proposal and is described below. While all awards will fund a proof of concept phase (Phase 1), Concept Notes should describe the full project’s proposed objectives, expected results, benefits and impacts, and project management and measurement plan for all phases described above. This will enable the EF+Math Review Team to provide rapid feedback on the proposal concept and minimize unnecessary effort. 

Proposers are encouraged to submit Concept Notes early. Doing so will allow the EF+Math Program to provide the proposer early feedback and permit the Director and Deputy Director to engage with those teams where synergies may exist and a combined proposal may be desirable.

Application Instructions

Concept Note proposals are limited to 2,500 words (~5 pages) and must be written in English.

For the attachments and supporting information section, all templates can be downloaded here.